Important Policies

Important Information


  • Regular attendance is very important as it enables students to fully benefit from the Islamic School. Attending school every week ensures that each student keeps up with the teacher’s lesson plan and assignment schedule. It also instills the sense that Islamic education is at least as important as the other activities in his/her life, and therefore should be taken seriously.

  • If a child is absent for more than 7 days (~25% of total Sunday School sessions), then they would have missed a significant portion of the educational content. These absences will consist of a) excused absences (due to sickness), b) unexcused absences (any other reason), c) repeated tardiness (3 tardies = 1 absence). Children with more than 7 absences will not be allowed to matriculate to next grade at the end of the school year.

  • Student attendance is taken each Sunday in every grade for both the Quranic Studies and Islamic Studies class sessions.

  • Sport related absences will not be considered as excused. These absences need to be communicated at the beginning of the year to with a list of dates so that the school can evaluate if it makes sense for you to continue enrollment in Sunday School.

  • For Leave of Absence, record the absences using the Report and absence form. All the missed activities (for example homework, notes, etc) should be made up before returning to the class.

  • The attendance record of each student will be included on his/her final Report Card.