هَلْ جَزَاءُ الْإِحْسَانِ إِلَّا الْإِحْسَانُ

Is the reward for good [anything] but good?


The MCC Sunday School is run solely by volunteers, including all of the teachers and administrative staff. These volunteers have signed up for a longer term and regular commitment to the school. However, these volunteers are insufficient for the school to function effectively and achieve its mission. We are always in need of volunteers for short-term commitment to perform additional tasks . Most of the volunteer tasks are simple and require a minimal amount of skill. 

You can sign up anytime through the Parent Portal or dropping us an email at volunteering@mccsundayschool.org. Please sign-up generously – at minimum you are only helping your own child

Note: Please make sure you can meet your commitment before signing up for these volunteer duties. Please see the MCC handbook to view details of no-show policy.

How to sign up online for volunteering

Each event spans across multiple Sundays. Please refer to the Manage Volunteering > Available Events section for event dates. You may choose only the first Sunday (date) or all applicable Sundays to the event while signing up. 

Regardless of the selection, once you select an event you will be expressing commitment to all event dates for that activity. The volunteering team will contact you no later than the Saturday before your committed date.

If you have any questions, please write to volunteering@mccsundayschool.org.

Interested in teaching?

MCC Sunday School is always looking for enthusiastic volunteers who are interested in teaching Islamic and Quranic studies. In addition to that, we are always in need of substitute teachers, and teaching assistants.

Process of Application:

MCC Sunday School requires all volunteering positions to complete a background clearance. The cost of conducting background clearance will be handled by MCC Sunday School.

Click below and fill out the form to get started.


Each new teacher of the school is extended the benefit to enroll their child(ren) at the school. This benefit is based on careful consideration of capacity of each grade and other families put on the waiting list. The space we extend to your child(ren) is, therefore, a sacred trust worthy of your commitment to invest in the community. If you choose to discontinue as a teacher in the following school year, we may choose to unenroll your child(ren) and prioritize existing waitlist families for enrollment. A minimum commitment of 2 years of teaching is required. 

Volunteering opportunities for 2023-24 School Year

Volunteering opportunities for 2022-23 School Year

Volunteer Deposit Refund


Volunteer Deposit Refund Forms