Note: If you were formerly associated with Sunday School, then please contact info@mccsundayschool.org so that we can enable your existing account. Please avoid creating a new family profile.

Thank you for your interest in MCC Sunday School. Enrollment is now open for the 2024-2025 school year. Please click the relevant button for detailed instructions and timelines.

Age cut off dates

The enrollment cut off dates are as follows:

NOTE: High school enrollment is until 10th grade

Quranic proficiency requirement

All new students (irrespective of current / legacy family status) need to be assessed for Quranic proficiency prior to enrollment in MCC Sunday School. Only students who meet the grade level requirement will be offered enrollment to available seats. Those not meeting requirements will be asked to get Quranic help and return the following school year for enrollment. They will retain their waitlist rank as per account creation date with MCCSS.

MCC Sunday School: Quranic assessment for new students (public)


MCC East Bay Membership

You must be an active member of MCC East Bay to be enrolled in MCC Sunday School. Please contact MCC East Bay or mcceastbay.org/membership to complete membership formalities. Do not contact MCC East Bay office for Sunday School registration and related inquiries.

Note for new/waitlisted families: You can become a member of MCC after confirming and paying for your spot at the school.  

MCC Sunday School Fees

Annual payment of 

Payment Instructions

Note: These instructions are for dues owed to only MCC Sunday School. Please work directly with MCC EastBay to make sure you are set up for monthly membership. 

Fee Refund/Cancellation Policy/Procedure

Note: Cancelling Sunday School enrollment will not automatically cancel your monthly MCC membership. Please write to contact@mcceastbay.org if you wish to discontinue MCC membership.

Important: There will be no refunds on cancellations once the enrollment for 2024-25 is finalized.

Replace Lost Books

Due to Covid 19 we are unable to offer in person replacement book purchases at this time. 

If you need to purchase any replacement books for your children, please purchase them directly from the vendor websites below.  



We do not utilize the Weekend Learning student workbooks in our school, so you only need to purchase the textbook relevant to your student's grade. 

If you have any questions on the books, please feel free to email us at info@mccsundayschool.org