MCC Sunday School registration is opening soon!

Please take a moment to prepare for registration by completing a few required actions. Click on the appropriate button to learn more.

If you have any unanswered questions, then please reach out to info@mccsundayschool.org.


MCC East Bay Membership

Monthly payment of $50 per family

You must be an active member of MCC East Bay to be enrolled in MCC Sunday School. Please contact MCC East Bay or setup new membership to complete membership formalities. Do not contact MCC East Bay office for Sunday School registration and related inquiries.

MCC Sunday School Fees

One time payment of

  • $145 per child, and
  • $150 per family volunteer deposit. You can request a refund for this deposit once you have completed the 15 hours of required volunteer time. Please know that the school is exclusively run by volunteers and it would not be possible to cater to our community without parent involvement. The time we spend volunteering at the school is a crucial part of our commitment to our community.

Payment Instructions

These instructions are for dues owed to only MCC Sunday School. Please work directly with MCC EastBay to make sure you are set up for monthly membership.

  1. Login to Parent Portal
  2. Click ‘Payments’ from the left navigation menu.
  3. Set up payment method. Skip this step if payment method is already configured.
    • Go to Account / Card tab
    • Click Add Card to setup a credit card or click Add Account to setup a bank account. Complete all necessary information to setup the card/account and save information.
    • Note:
      • Do not set Recurring Payments as Sunday School fees are paid annually and need be paid in full during registration process.
      • American Express credit cards are not supported.
  4. Make payment
    • Go to 'Charge / Payments' tab
    • Click Pay Balance
    • Select Payment Type (Credit card or Bank that you have setup from 'Accounts / Card' tab)
    • Select Account from the list of value that will show account configured for the selected payment type
    • Enter the total due amount (registration is not considered complete unless dues are paid in full)
    • Click Make Payment

Fee Refund/Cancellation Policy/Procedure

Note: Cancelling Sunday School enrollment will not automatically cancel your monthly MCC membership. Please write to contact@mcceastbay.org if you wish to discontinue MCC membership.
  1. To cancel your account or remove some of the registered students, please email at info@mccsundayschool.org.
  2. Fill MCCSS Cancellation Request form.
  3. Cancellation fee of $25 per family will always be deducted.
  4. After deducting the cancellation fee, following rules will apply based on the date cancellation is requested: