Acknowledgement: The curriculum for MCC Sunday School was formulated in 2007-2008 with generous advice of the team at the Islamic School of Silicon Valley. Words cannot express our gratitude for their input and guidance in helping launch MCC Sunday School in Pleasanton.

The Sunday School at MCC focuses on two areas for its curriculum: Islamic and Quranic studies.

Each school day is divided into two sessions, one each for Quranic and Islamic studies. Within each session, teachers focus on introducing a new concept and then encourage students to share their thoughts, opinions, and engage in inquiry based dialogue. The sessions aim to promote learning through class-wide interaction where the instructor serves as planner, host, moderator, and fellow-student.

The curriculum is further enhanced with the planning, preparation and execution of an end of year event where students participate in art and essay competitions and class presentations.

Quranic Studies

Goal for MCCSS Quranic Studies Program

  1. Students are able to read the Quran correctly

  2. Students have memorized the last 15-20 Surahs of Juz Amma

Expectations of Parents:

  1. MCCSS provides about 50 minutes of Quranic education per week. This is intended to supplement the regular Quranic reading that the students are participating in during the week and insufficient by itself for proficiency in reading the Quran. Students are expected to be seeking professional help outside the Sunday school hours on a regular basis. MCC provides multiple Quranic classes by expert teachers. Please make use of these resources. If your child is falling behind on the yearly milestones for each grade, we will inform you promptly. Please pay special attention to all updates and feedback from your child’s Quranic studies teacher.

  2. To keep up with the pace of the Quranic Curriculum, we recommend daily recitation / memorization of about 15-20 minutes for all students.

Islamic Studies

Goal for MCCSS Islamic Studies Program

Our primary goal at Sunday school is to provide students with an age appropriate awareness of Islam: its principles, values, and how to conduct day-to-day life as a muslim. This includes understanding the importance of good civic behavior, emotional intelligence, and trust.

Students who attend the Sunday school develop a coherent understanding of:

  1. Faith in Allah

  2. Five pillars of Islam

  3. Behavior of a muslim in the society with good morals and manners

Expectations of Parents:

  1. We do our best in introducing, and explaining a concept to students during a 50 minute session. The teachers especially encourage learning through in class discussion. However, we need parents to be part of this teaching process. We request our parents to ask questions of their children regarding the topic(s) that they have discussed in the class each week.

  2. We expect students to complete assigned reading before each class to be able to fully participate in discussion with peers and the teacher.

  3. We also expect parents to regularly remind their children of conduct expected by the school and their teacher. You may want to periodically refer to relevant sections of the School Handbook.

Curriculum by Grade

MCCSS Curriculum