Current Families

You are enrolled in the 2022-23 school year and would like to continue in 2023-24. You will get highest priority for enrollment but with a deadline of 12pm PT (noon) on May 14, 2023. Please do not wait to act until the last day and complete the following steps immediately.


  • If you wish to discontinue for 2023-24, then please let us know immediately at This will help us reach out to more families on the wait list.

Additional child(ren)

  • Deadline to add new children is Mar 1, 2023. This is necessary for us to plan quranic assessments.

  • Please login to the Sunday School portal at and click on the Register Student link in the Parent portal. If additional child(ren) will require special education, please mention this explicitly in the Other Details section when signing up an additional child. Please complete this step as soon as possible to allow us to plan capacity.

  • You will need to sign up for an online Quranic assessment of additional children. Please check the Quranic proficiency requirements below. The assessments will be conducted on Saturday March 11 and March 18

NOTE: Currently enrolled 10th graders will automatically matriculate at the end of the school year. Graduates are strongly encouraged to sign up for volunteering at MCC sunday school. Visit the volunteer page to explore the opportunities


  • Please make sure payment information is up to date at the Parent portal under Payments > Accounts / Cards

  • Updating your payment information does not guarantee enrollment. Only you can charge your form of payment on file once online enrollment is enabled on May 7, 2023.

Important Dates

  • You will enroll online starting May 7, 2023. It should only take a few minutes.

  • We highly recommend that you enroll online starting May 7th. Please do not wait until the last day. If you experience any issue while enrolling online, notify the school. We will resolve the issue remotely.

  • Enrollment for returning/legacy families will close at 12 pm PT (noon) on Sunday May 14.

Quranic proficiency requirement

All new students need to be assessed for Quranic proficiency prior to enrollment in MCC Sunday School. Only students who meet the grade level requirement will be offered enrollment to available seats. Those not meeting requirements will be asked to get Quranic help and return the following school year for enrollment. They will retain their waitlist rank as per account creation date with MCCSS.

MCC Sunday School: Quranic assessment for new students (public)