How to Login to Sunday School Portal

The ULR for MCC Sunday School portal is

Note: As of 8/19/2018 Sunday school portal authentication have been changed. Social media authentication using Google is still supported but other social media authentication methods; Yahoo, Hotmail and Facebook have been desupported. Exisitng users that were using these three options should request a new password using ForgotPassword option and provide their existing email address to configure account with Sunday school.

Login instructions are as follows: 

Existing Accounts:

  • Select a login option. The login option you click should match with the email address you have provided on file (or provided when creating your online profile).

    • Click on Google+ icon when login in as parent and your parent email address is a gmail account. 

    • Click on Google+ icon when login in as teacher with email. 

    • Enter your email address and password when login in as parent and your parent email address in NOT a gmail account.

  • When using Google+ you will be asked to enter gmail credentials if you are not already logged in to Google. If you are already logged in, you will directly proceed to the parent portal. After you log out from parent portal you will remain logged in to Google. You can sign out from Google from

  • Users that are not using Google+ can request a new password using 'Frogot Password' if they can't remember the password, wherease Google+ users must contact Google for any password assisatance.

New Account Creation:

  • Click 'Create Account'.

  • Provide your account information on Guardian Registration page.

    • On Guardian Registration page if you provide an email address that already exists, you will be asked to login or use 'Forgot Password' option to gain access to your account. If you enter a mobile phone number that already exists, you will be asked to contact Sunday school administration to help with account creation. Please do so and avoid creating duplicate accounts by providing alternate phone number.

Note: If website is not available (showing errors like 500 Internal Server Error), please report immediately to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..