2018-19 School Start Reminder

As-salaam-u-alaikum MCCSS parents,

We hope that you are enjoying your summer break with your family. Our upcoming academic year of 2018-19 is fast approaching.  As we prepare at our end we would like to inform you of certain key dates.

Important Dates  MCCSS 2018-19 calendar

  • August 26th: Minimum Day for students + Back to School event for parents (more details will follow)
  • September 2nd: No School - Labor Day
  • September 9th: Regular school day
Back to School 
  • Parents to pick up their children’s books.

Jazakum Allah khair
MCCSS Administration

End of the year event 2017-18 Reminder

We would like to welcome you to the 11th Annual MCC Sunday School Year End Event taking place this Saturday, May 12th 2018.

     May 12th 2018  
  • Parents and students are requested to arrive no later than 1:30pm at the prayer hall.
  • Students will be sitting with their classes in designated rows. Parent seating is separate.
  • Please make sure that students have had a good lunch so that they may sit through the program. Food is not allowed in the masjid area.
  • After the conclusion of the Presentations and Awards, you will be asked to proceed to classrooms to pick up your children and collect report cards, awards and gifts, and then promptly exit through the Sunday school side of MCC to the Carnival area.

MCC East Bay 5724 W Las Positas Blvd, Pleasanton, CA 94588

  • Please note that the entire parking lot on the Sunday School side of the facility will be cordoned off for the Carnival.  As such the parking at the masjid will be limited.
  • Arrive early to ensure you have a space.
  • Try to carpool and help others.
  • Please obey traffic rules as you enter the MCC grounds.
  • There will be many parents and children walking around, please exercise caution and care as you navigate the parking lot.
  • Please listen to the parking volunteers and don’t argue with them.
  • For overflow parking please use adjacent HP parking. Please be mindful as you utilize our neighbor’s parking facility.



If you purchased food tickets, please visit the Food ticket table to collect your food tokens. You will need to present the provided token in order to receive your paid meal.

The students and staff have worked very hard to bring you this program. Please make time to come and appreciate their efforts. 

Quranic Assessments

Qurnaic Assesments for New Students

Sunday, May 6 th, at 12:00 pm. These assessments are for all the NEW students of levels 1 through 8 enrolled for 2018-19 academic year. Students not required to come for assessments are Pre-K, KG, Muhsen(Special Needs) and High School students of the academic year 2018-19 .


End of the year event 2017-18

End of the Year 2017-18 Event

Saturday May 12th, 2018
Event 2pm-5pm
Picnic & Games 5pm-7pm
Tickets are $ 5 Per Person (adult or child)


Tickets will be required for the food portion of the event. 

End of the year event 2017-18

As-salam Alaikum Sunday School parents,

On account of Ramadan, our Academic year 2017-18 year end celebration event will be taking place on Saturday May 12th 2018. This should give us all enough time to rest and prepare ourselves for Ramadan, In'sha'allah.  

MCC Sunday School Annual Seerah Assembly and Picnic

MCC East Bay 5724 W Las Positas Blvd, Pleasanton, CA 94588

Saturday May 12th, 2018
Event 2pm-5pm
Picnic & Games 5pm-7pm
Tickets are $ 5 Per Person (adult or child)
Please purchase tickets at the link below. 


Tickets will be required for the food portion of the event. 


Registration 2018-19

Registration for remaining Waitlist Families 

On-site registration on April 29th 2018

Registration 2018-19

Registration Open for Waitlist Families 

Started April 16th 2018.

Last date for online regisration April 22nd 2018.

Updates for 4/29/2018

Sunday School Registration closing 4/29/2018


Sunday, April 29th 2018 is the last day for Sunday School Registration. The last few available spots are offered to the waitlist families who were not given the chance during the first round of waitlist registration from April 16th to April 22nd. Registration will be done in-person at MCC Sunday School. Some classes are already full therefore it is not guaranteed that all kids from a family will be accommodated. Please note the last date for the priority registration for returning families was 4/15/2018.


Minimum Day Notice


Sunday, April 29th, is a minimum day for all students.

Drop off:
Pre-K and KG -  by 10:45 am in the classrooms
Level 1 to HS  - by 10:45 am. All students will proceed to class directly. No Assembly.

Pre-K and KG - by 12:20 pm from the Classrooms
Level 1 to HS -  by 12:30 pm from the masjid

Please pick up your children promptly as no supervision will be available after 12:30 pm.

Registration notification for closure of Online Registration

April 22nd, 2018 is the last day for online registration

Priory registration for the returning families ended on April 15th, 2018 and the last day to complete payment for the wait listed families that were currently given option to enroll is April 22nd, 2018. After this date the remaining available spots will be offered to families that were added to the wait list after April 16th.

Registration Instructions:

Please login to MCCSS parent portal at https://admin.mccsundayschool.org and complete your payment formalities as soon as possible in order to secure your child's/children’s seat. This year each grade will have a fixed number of spots and once these are filled no more registrations will be accommodated. The last date to complete the online registration is April 22nd, 2018.

If you are able to login as a parent but can’t see any information about your family or kids please contact our admin staff to get assistance.

Minimum age for PreK registration is 4 years and the minimum age for Kindergarten registration is 5 years, on or before September 1, 2018.

IMPORTANT ACTION ITEM (for New/Wait Listed Families Only)

We have slotted your child based on their age on Sep 1, 2018. You can see the assigned batch for each child under My Kids > Name > Batch. If your child is slotted in incorrect batch, please update your child’s expected 2018-19 school grade level and date of birth (if needed) under Profile and inform This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible to ensure placement in the correct batch level. Please mention your Family ID in subject line when writing to us.


Special circumstances:

  • We do not have enough spots to accommodate all Wait List families. So you will compete with returning families for remaining spots.
  • In some cases not all kids in a family have been slotted into a spot. You will see this in your charges.


  • Please pay your balance in full. You cannot pay by student.
  • If you have not added a credit card, please do so by following these instructions.
  • American Express cards are not supported.
  • Your registration is complete if you see charges for your Kids under Charges/Payments tab and your balance is $0


  • You may get an unenrollment email if a another family is able to pay for the last spot in a batch before you but your payment is also successful (This should happen in rare case, in general if all spots are full you should receive an error on payment). We will refund your extra payment in that case.
  • If you have more than 1 child, this may mean some children are not enrolled. We will happily provide full refund if you choose to discontinue.


The registration fees also includes a mandatory $150 annual volunteer deposit per family. You can request a refund for this deposit once you have completed the 15 hours of required volunteer time. Please know that the school is exclusively run by volunteers and would not be possible without parent involvement. The time we spend volunteering at the school is a crucial part of our commitment to our community. 

VOLUNTEER DEPOSIT REFUND FOR 2017-18 (Returning Families Only)

Those who have completed their 15 hour obligation and have not received a refund during the year, will see an adjustment of $150 applied towards 2018-19 volunteer deposit. For families who have completed partial hours, will need to request for refund after the completion of 2017-18 school year by completing 2017-18 Volunteer Deposit Refund Request form.

MCC Membership

You must be an active member of MCC East Bay to be enrolled in MCC Sunday School. Please contact MCC East Bay or setup new Membership to complete membership formalities. Do not contact MCC East Bay office for Sunday School registration and related inquiries.

If you have questions regarding enrollment process or having any issues logging in or working with the system, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please mention your family ID or your name in the Subject line of any email correspondence, especially when responding to email you receive from MCC.

Registration Notification #2 for Wait List Families

From April 16th 2018 we have started accepting payments for registration from Wait List Families. Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate all of the wait listed families. The selected families were notified via email and the last date for them to compete payment is April 22nd. If all available seats are not filled by that time, we will accommodate more families who are next in line in the wait list.


Please check available spots under enrollment section of this website.



MCC Sunday School Admin