Teaching Assistants


We have had a number of requests from our high school students requesting TA positions.  We would like to clarify that these positions are open only to students who have graduated from the high school.  


TA requirements:  

  • Will have to be in class on a regular basis (every Sunday) for which ever period you are assigned to.

  • Teachers do rely on TA's in the event of their being absent, so communication between teacher and TA is necessary, to ensure smooth running of curriculum and minimum disruption in class

  • Please sign up at the volunteer desk for TA positions, even if you have already spoken to a teacher directly about it, it helps maintain a record for volunteer hours completed.

  • If you need paperwork to be filled up for your school, please give it at the Front Desk to Br. Farooq Maniar or Br. Naeem at the time of sign up.