Fee Refund/Cancellation Policy

Fee Refund/Cancellation Policy:

1. Requires a written request (electronic or on paper).
2. Cancellation fee of $25 will always be deducted 

3. After deducting the cancellation fee, following rules will apply based on the time cancellation is requested:

Cancellation Request Time-frame

Refund Policy

Refund Amounts for # of students





More than a month before the first day of Sunday school

Only processing fee will be deducted





After books have been ordered (Approx. one month before the start of Sunday School)

$40 books fee per student will be deducted. Parents can collect books on the book distribution day.





On or before October 31st

60% of the total fee per student will be refunded.





On or before December 31st

50% of the total fee per student will be refunded.





January 1st or later

No fees will be refunded






Volunteer Deposit Refund:

Refund for volunteer deposit of $150 can be requested any time after completing the 15 hours of volunteering or it can be applied towards next academic year's volunteer deposit. Recorded volunteer hours are available on the parent portal. At the time of cancellation full refund of volunteer deposit will be issued if enough slots are available to complete the remaining volunteer hours.

To request refund or to indicate you would want to apply it towards next academic year's volunteer deposity please fill Volunteer Deposit Refund Reuest form.