Pickup & Drop Off

Pre-K & KG students:


Drop off:  Please drop off your student promptly at 10:30 am in his/her room. Please make sure that you leave promptly as your presence makes it difficult for children to settle. This hinders instruction time.

Pick-up:  Pick up time is 1 pm sharp. Pre-K and KG students will be picked up from Banquet Hall. Please arrive on time to pick up your children. This avoids unnecessary stress on children and teachers. Please make sure that if you are staying back for Zuhr prayers, your children are sitting with you and not running around. This is a good opportunity for you to strengthen the etiquettes of the masjid. After 1:15 pm, please pick up your child from the office. The late pick up charge is $10 for every 15 minutes.

We request you to please pick up your children yourselves. If you cannot pick them up for any reason, please send a note authorizing that the assigned person can pick up the child.  

If you are a teacher or member of staff at the school, please speak to your child's respective teacher and inform them of of this , so that we can make arrangements for your children and watch them until either your class has been dismissed or you have finished work for the day.

Parents are encouraged to join the students for salah at 1:30 pm.


Level 1 to HS:


Drop off:  Between 10:15 am to 10:30 am at the masjid entrance.

Pick-up:  Pick up in the prayer hall after salah

Parents are encouraged to join the students for salah at 1:30pm.