• Regular attendance is very important as it enables students to fully benefit from the Islamic School. Attending school every week ensures that each student keeps up with the teacher’s lesson plan and assignment schedule. It also instills the sense that Islamic education is at least as important as the other activities in his/her life, and therefore should be taken seriously.


  • Student attendance is taken each Sunday in every grade for both the Quranic Studies and Islamic Studies class sessions.


  • For Leave of Absence, click Attendance from top menu bar and record the absences using the attendance tab. All the missed activities (for example homework, notes, etc) should be made up before returning to the class. Please DO NOT call MCC Sunday school to report absence.


  • Any existing conflicts, such as sport events, need to be communicated at the beginning of the year, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a list of dates. Failure to do so will result in these being marked as absent.


  • The attendance record of each student will be included on his/her final Report Card.