There is positively no space to entroll for 2017-18. Families interested in putting their names in the waitlist for the next school year 2018-19 can continue to access the Sunday School portal and create their profile at https://admin.mccsundayschool.org.

How do I login to Sunday School Portal?


2017-18 Enrollment Instructions (For reference Only - Enrollment was Closed for 2017-18 as-of May 27th 2017)

MCC Sunday School has introduced a new portal to manage the students, fees and curriculum information online. The system is open for existing families and the new families interested in getting their kids enrolled for 2017-18.

To access the portal please visit admin.mccsundayschool.org

You do not have to create a new username and password, instead you can use any of 4 social authentication mechanisms (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Live and Facebook) available on this portal. Once you select a social login, you must use the same for subsequent access to the portal. Using more than one social login will be considered as duplicate account if they share same email address and you will receive  Access Denied error.

Currently Enrolled for 2016-17:

If your kids are already enrolled for 2016-17, you can use the system to view and update your existing family information any time and add new siblings eligible to start Sunday school in 2017-18. Starting April 25th, 2017 you will be able to make online payments to complete your registration for 2017-18 and confirm your spot. The payment must be made by May 10th, 2017 otherwise the place will not be guaranteed. If you are able to login as a parent but couldn't see any information about your family or kids please contact our admin staff to get some assistance.

Please note if you login to the system for the first time but do not see any existing students in the Parent Portal or don't even see Parent Portal button on the home page (only Logout is available), that means you have signed in using a different email that is registered with MCC Sunday school.  Please DO NOT create new records for your kids that are currently enrolled and contact MCC admin for further assistance.

Both parents can login to the system and access/manage the same family record.

New Families

New families can create their account and add kids anytime going forward. If you have already submitted the application to enroll in 2017-18 using the previous online application form, we request you to please register again in the new system and provide most up to date information. You will not lose your place in the current wait list. Please keep in mind that enrolling the student doesn’t guarantee a place for this year. After May 15th you will be notified by the system if your child is successfully admitted for this school year. Upon receiving the notification new families will be able to view and pay the dues online and complete the registration process. Deadline to make the payment will be sent in that notification. If you are having any issues logging in to the system or adding parent or student records please contact our admin staff to get some assistance.

Note: After April 25th new families may see charges for refundable volunteer deposit. Please do not pay until your spot is confirmed after May 15th.

MCC Membership

Please note, you must be an active member of MCC East Bay to be enrolled in MCC Sunday School. Membership form can be downloaded from here. Completed form should be submitted at MCC office.


If you have questions regarding enrollment process, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Note: If you know your Family ID please mention that in Subject line of any email correspondence.