Priority Registration Now Open

2018-19 Enrollment Now Open for Returning Families

Priority registration for the existing families who attended the school year 2017-18 is now open. The last date to complete registration is April 15th, 2018. Registration for waitlisted families will begin in the week of April 16th 2018. Please read the instructions for existing and waitlisted families below.

Note: Minimum age for PreK registration is 4 years and the minimum age for Kindergarten registration is 5 years, on or before September 1, 2018.

Registration Instructions for existing families:

Please login to MCCSS parent portal at and complete all the payment formalities in order to secure your child's/children’s seat. Priority registrations for returning families will be open for 2 weeks between April 1st and April 15th. After which any remaining seats will be offered to the waitlist students. This year each grade will have a fixed number of spots and once these are filled no more registrations will be accommodated. Hence, please do complete your formalities as soon as possible.

The payment must be made by April 15th, 2018, otherwise placement will not be guaranteed. If you are able to login as a parent but can’t see any information about your family or kids please contact our admin staff to get assistance.

If you need to add a child, please first add your child to your account and contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. immediately. You need to complete this action, and get confirmation from MCCSS before making any payment.

American Express Credit Cards are not supported.

Volunteer Deposit for 2018-19

The registration fees also includes a mandatory $150 annual volunteer deposit per family. You can request a refund for this deposit once you have completed the 15 hours of required volunteer time. Please know that the school is exclusively run by volunteers and would not be possible without parent involvement. The time we spend volunteering at the school is a crucial part of our commitment to our community. 

Volunteer Deposit Refund for 2017-18

Those who have completed their 15 hour obligation and have not received a refund during the year, will see an adjustment of $150 applied towards 2018-19 volunteer deposit. For families who have completed partial hours, will need to request for refund after the completion of 2017-18 school year by completing 2017-18 Volunteer Deposit Refund Request form.

New/Waitlisted Families

New families can continue to create their account and add kids, priority is maintained based on date/time a student was added to the system. After completion of priority registration explained above we will assign waitlisted students to the remaining seats on priority basis. Parents of the selected students will receive an email sometime in the week of April 16th. Upon receiving the notification new families will be able to view and pay the dues online and complete the registration process. Deadline to make the payment will be sent in that notification.

Waitlisted families will be able to see a charge of $150 volunteer deposit when they visit Payment section of parent portal. Please ignore this charge and do not make any payment. Once you receive a confirmation email after April 16th that your kids are registered, you can proceed with the payment..

MCC Membership

You must be an active member of MCC East Bay to be enrolled in MCC Sunday School. Please contact MCC East Bay or setup new Membership to complete membership formalities. Do not contact MCC East Bay office for Sunday School registration and related inquires.

If you have questions regarding enrollment process or having any issues logging in or working with the system, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please mention your family ID or your name in the Subject line of any email correspondence, especially when responding to email you receive from MCC.