New School Schedule

Revised school schedule for the 2017-18 academic year.

The school will now begin at 10:45AM instead of the previous 10:30AM.  Please ensure that your child/ren arrive no later than 10:45AM on Sundays in order to avoid being marked tardy.



Please Read:- Changes to parking and drop off starting this year. (image attached with email and below)

  • Pre-K and Kindergarten parents can park in the green zone and walk their children over though the school entrance.

  • Blue rectangles are the "drop off" zone.  Car must stop only to let the children get out and then continue to keep moving.  Drive as far down as possible in the drop-zone, do not stop in the middle of drop-zone if there is room to move forward. Do not drop kids before or after drop zone. Younger kids must exit from the vehicle door facing Sunday school.

  • Students can leave their shoes and bags in their classroom and proceed to the main hall for the assembly.

  • Students who arrive after 10:45 will continue to the enter through school entrance.  They can be dropped off in drop off zone and can walk towards the school entrance.

Yellow line with arrow shows the direction of traffic during Sunday School hours


  • Pick-up of all students at the end of a regular school day will be from the masjid entrance of the building after Dhuhr Salaat.

  • Traffic flow at pick-up will be the same, but please park and join your child for salat in the masjid.

  • Children can only leave the masjid accompanied by a parent.