SEERAH 2017 - Letter #6 to parents

Seerah Assembly 2017


“I leave behind me two things,

 the QURAN and

 my example, the SUNNAH

 and if you follow these you will never go astray”


It’s almost here!

February 12, 2017, Seerah Assembly

At Dougherty Valley Performing Arts Center


Assalam Alaikum Dear Parents and Students!!

Congratulations to all the participants of Seerah Assembly 2017!!! You all did a great job, MashaAllah. We have 215 submissions, MashaAllah. Great job, everyone. You all are WINNERS! Soon you will be receiving an email confirming your participation in the Seerah Contest 2017. If you participated but did not get an email by the end of this week, please let me know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please plan to attend the Seerah Assembly on February 12, as your student will be recognized for his/her awesome work.


Punctuality: Please plan on being there no later than 10 am, leaving a sufficient amount of time for participant and volunteer check-in at the reception. The doors will be closed at 10:30 am to avoid any disruption in the program. As the program will go well over two and a half hours, please make sure your child has had a hearty breakfast. The Arts Center has limited seating capacity and seating will be on a first come basis. Please make sure that you are there by 10:00, to avoid disappointment.


Contest Participants: If your child is a participant in a contest ( art/ essay or poetry ONLY), you must check in your child at 9:45 am at the check-in tables at DVPAC ( side entrance). Once checked in, your child will receive a name tag and  will be escorted to the backstage Studio room   If your child does not get checked in on time, s/he will not get recognized on stage).


Dress Modestly: As this is an occasion to celebrate the Prophet PBUH, we kindly request everyone to be dressed modestly and in their Eid best.

Concession Stand: There will be a concession stand set up by the city for sale of snacks and will be stocked with hot water for tea, coffee, chips and cookies. Please bring change for quick processing and avoid long lines.


We will have a professional photographer/ videographer, so please sit back and enjoy the show. Do not at any cost leave your seats to take pictures as it causes a distraction for the audience.


Art exhibit  will be on display in the  lobby. Please plan to pick up your child’s project on your way out.

Volunteer Hours: Some of our parents are showing zero volunteer hours in their account. Please make sure that you complete your required volunteer hours before the end of February, otherwise you will not be able to get your money refunded. Also it may cause a hindrance to register for next year. Seerah Assembly is a good opportunity to get some required hours. Please register to volunteer at the front desk.